Look forward to ensure you’re prepared for any possibility utilizing Forecast, a predictive and prescriptive analytics tool from the Px Cloud.

Look forward with Forecast.

Trends are not enough to determine future directions. Predictive analytics alone aren’t enough to prepare you for what lies ahead. Our Forecast tool not only shows you how trends paint the past and provide a guide, but delivers content that matches audience expectations and discovers insights that magnify, and sometimes alter, trends. Stitching insights and predictive analytics together deliver the most accurate forecast. Our prescriptive analytics prepare you with the best course of action, not just monitoring of your data.

Stay one step ahead of the competition and deliver a product that your subscribers want with Forecast, in the Px Cloud.

Predictive analytics.

Understanding your audience with Forecast, we can build marketing, product, and sales strategies. You’ll now be able to predict how a given product, marketing campaign, or regional expansion will perform. 

Iterative Learning

The more you utilize these Forecast models, the smarter they and you become – giving your team more tools and resources for building brand loyalty.

Prescriptive analytics.

You’ve done the hard work, now it’s time to prescribe a solution. Armed with reliable predictive models, Forecast can suggest and design a strategy for you. 

Data Streams

Your Analytics and Artificial Intelligence hub is what allows you to effectively take advantage of your data. Through our managed data streams we integrate both internal and external sources of data, providing industry best practices, deeper industry insight, and predictive forecasting capabilities.

How Forecast works with your data.

Make informed choices and boost your business based on personalized, high-valued insights.

  • Analytics Team Augmentation “Forecast” (Kereon)

  • Data Modeling

  • Machine Learning / Training

  • Insight Discovery

  • Data Stitching

  • Visualization and real-time reporting

  • Predictive analytics modeling and testing

  • Prescriptive analytics modeling and testing

  • Tools tailored to your specific needs

    • Based on the Maturity assessment and iterative modeling

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Take control of your future with accurate and insightful forecasts of what comes next.

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