Understand every aspect of the world your service lives in with Biome, a set of data aggregation tools from the Px Cloud.

Multiply the value of your data.

It’s no longer sustainable to rely on your own data. It only tells you a piece of the story. There are numerous industry and non-industry data streams that you don’t have regular access to – this can affect your strategic decision making. By combining your company data with our collated industry data and long-tail external data streams in Biome, you instantly multiply your value, giving you deeper intelligence and avoiding reactionary decisions.

Insights from across the globe.

Publisher Arts aggregates data from around the globe–pulling from media, entertainment, and telco industry sources. Incorporating everything from news streams, to industry updates and insider intelligence. 

Country-specific Data

Despite the fact that trends can extend globally, what is the value of your company’s service in each individual country? Utilize Publisher Art’s internally generated country-specific data to match your services down to the right neighborhood.

Federated Data Lake.

Access and participation in our industry focused data lake is going to be one of your most important assets. Be proactive and not reactionary with your strategies by leveraging industry data with your own data. Consider this an opportunity to subscribe and add to a library filled with information from everywhere in the world–in all aspects of the industry. We collate data streams from world industry leaders and aggregators, so you don’t have to, and collectively return the insights that work most effectively for you, providing you with limitless resources and access to industry insight you wouldn’t be able to before.

Subscribing to Biome and the Publisher Arts data lake gives you the flexibility of real-time analytics with the power and influence of big data.

How Biome works with your data.

Multiply the value of your data by combining it with an entire ecosystem of industry knowledge.

  • Federated Data Lake

    • Public data streams

    • Industry data streams

    • Proprietary (shared/federated) data streams

  • News Feeds and Intelligence feeds access

  • Preconfigured semantic layer templates for near-instant adoption

    • Assumes appropriate maturity level that the enterprise has implemented a functioning Data Virtualization Layer

  • Country Specific Data research

    • Industry and commissioned research

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