Stay in-step with what your audience wants.

Publisher Arts provides the media industry with robust, real-time analytics technology and services they need to satisfy an increasingly demanding viewer base. We are the standard and the catalyst for actionable, measurable, and data-informed analytics to improve the business of video and media.

In an industry as fast paced as digital media, the right data matters.

Getting it real-time and understanding your data correctly, directly impacts your business. At Publisher Arts, we are the media scientists. We look at your data from a different angle, giving you better audience insight so that you see what content to commission, acquire or recycle.

Informed by those insights we then facilitate the intelligent matching of short, mid and long form digital video between buyers and sellers.

Media outlets must devote increasing amounts of time and money on content creation or seek it out it in a fragmented content landscape. Distribution of digital video is a big challenge; expensive and time consuming. It is no wonder that publishers and broadcasters are overwhelmed. The solution requires a creative, fast, and lean approach. Don’t be reactionary. Be proactive and let us manage your data and insights. Stick to what you do best – storytelling.

The power of Publisher Arts.

Internal insights and analysis.

Ensure that your data science team has the tools and skills to measure your analytics maturity and progress in real time. Learn more about Climate today.

Predictive and prescriptive solutions.

Make informed choices and boost your business based on personalized, high-valued insights. Learn more about Forecast today.

Collective data leading to growth.

Multiply the value of your data by combining it with an entire ecosystem of industry knowledge.Learn more about Biome today.

Maturity assessment combined with the right data.

Companies know they need data to inform their decisions, improve value chain efficiencies, and stay in line with their viewership demands, but their data is siloed, disorganized, and either non-existent or just bad data – garbage in/garbage out. Our first job is to find opportunities to improve effectiveness in content acquisition and distribution by exploring available data streams within your organization. All of this is made possible through Climate, in the Px Cloud.

Through a subscription to Climate, our Maturity Assessment team will assess your current data assets, and give you a score determining the maturity of your data in relation to other related companies, followed by recommendations and continued follow up to assure you are progressing.

Visualizing and stitching your data.

Companies are curating data, but are not able to combine data sources to harvest actionable insights to drive their content strategy. Publisher Arts and the Px cloud provide deeper insight into your existing analytics by pulling in data points that haven’t been harvestable to date.

Aggregating new and existing data, and analyzing it in more relevant ways creates stronger direction for new content, existing content; as well as existing and new audiences. Take advantage of our custom data virtualization and stitching tools with Forecast.

Discovering insights with the Publisher Arts Data Lake.

We know the media industry, we are constantly monitoring industry trends, and the Px Cloud provides you access to data tools that are already gathering audience insights: demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and content/preference. We work with companies all over the world, across media, entertainment, and telecoms, giving us a unique perspective on trends everywhere. All in order to provide you with actionable insights about the industry and grow your business, only available through Biome, and the Px Cloud.

In order to make your data stronger and usable, we’ve built a federated data lake, opening up new sources of data that were previously out of reach. Working directly with industry leaders and aggregators, our collective data lake provides an ethical look into companies in your industry, their users, and their user’s decisions and habits surrounding content. Get access to the lake today by subscribing to Biome.

Increase your value with insight.

Increase the value of your content, know your audience, increase your yield, and improve your marketing strategies. Contact us today.