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Utilizing the science that makes art possible. Leveraging machine learning, analytics, and a worldwide network of creators and content to build your value, one program at a time.


At Publisher Arts, we are eager scientists, passionate artists, film and communications fanatics, and perpetual academics. We aim to fuse art and science together to solve complex communication and storytelling problems using big data analysis, AI, and years of domain expertise. We believe storytelling is at the core of who we are as human beings, intrinsic to who we are as social beings. Humanity connects through communication, the exchange of information and ideas. Communication is a human right and a human need. In a crowded world, this makes competition for content and an audience’s attention impeccably challenging.

In a world dominated by myriads of content from advertising to social media, to OTT platforms –  media networks, film studios, and telecommunication firms understand the scarcity of attention. They are always competing for an audience and constantly adapt their business models to capitalize on it. The term “attention economy” from the economist Herbert Simon, is described as a “bottleneck of human thought”, limiting what we perceive and what we can actually do in stimulating environments. A wealth of information creates a “poverty of attention” to an audience firms are trying their hardest to retain and attract.

We are in the thick of the video evolution, and digital transformation, with an average number of global daily video consumption sitting at 84 minutes per user. TV and video have become inextricably linked to telco firms’ strategies around the world. The importance of aggregating, distributing, and commissioning TV and video are paramount to success. OTT and video attract and retain subscribers for telcos, give them variety to their existing offerings, and uncover new advertising opportunities. As telcos develop and aggregate more OTT streaming apps, advertising is expected to scale quickly, therefore, better data will be needed.

The data about audiences and the information they give us also tells a story about their behavior and preferences. We exist to help you create the right strategies to satisfy the demands of a hyper-connected and demanding audience. Information is not scarce, attention is. With an international presence, we are perfectly positioned to provide value anywhere your audience lives – geographically and virtually. Let us take your information and present you with the best tools and insight for audience attention and their loyalty.

Every day human shared stories leave another mark on history. Don’t be left out, unheard and unseen. Tell the right story to the right audience.

Meet the Publisher Arts team.

Matt Wunderli

CEO, Founder

Craig Adams


Tim Kapp

Chief Data Scientist

Paul Yoachum


John Boyd

CRO / Partnerships

Matthew Lambourne


Stephen Wunderli

Director of Communications

Christian Pugsley

Director of Design

Industry experts and innovators.

With over 30 years of combined experience in all facets of the media and data science industries, the Publisher Arts team is here to increase the value of your content and your business. Reach out today.