The attention economy has arrived.

Are you ready to optimize your company’s content decisions? It’s time now to prepare for global commercial success.

Media science experts for entertainment, media, and telecoms companies.

Audience attention is a finite resource; where demand in one market increases, it decreases in another. As “The Media Data Scientists”, we support data driven decisions with real-time country specific audience analysis and quantify viewer behavior and psychographics in the global market. Cut across geographies, dig deeper than basic demographics and go beyond the “vanity metrics.” 

Discover and monitor industry trends through Media Health Index scores.

Discover macro trends, drive pricing decisions, know your country by country Media Health Index rating for better content pricing, and understand the global demand for content. Automate these processes with Climate by stitching together multiple data sets to further empower your marketing, sales, and acquisition strategies. Publisher Arts authorizes content decision making; i.e. what to commission, acquire, produce, or license.

Discover what the power of Climate and The Media Data Scientists can do for you.

Looking for something custom?

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Industry and competitor insights.

Personalization and demand dictate consumer decision making. By building a managed data lake that integrates internal and external data streams, Publisher Arts provides deeper industry and competitor insight. Using Biome, the Px Cloud also enhance marketing decisions, licensing strategy, and robust distribution for a more personalized experience for your audience. Get a clearer picture of your company’s content roadmap today.

Free up workable hours with the PA Reporting Service.

Every hour spent on monthly reporting and performance metrics, is an hour taken from more important initiatives. Remember, attention is a finite resource, even for your team. Save money by reducing time spent on trivial tasks like monthly reporting and anomaly detection. Focus on what really matters.

Optimized workflows and data tools.

Optimize your content workflows and your entire content supply chains for better production, personalization, acquisition, marketing strategy, and distribution. With a subscription to the Px Cloud, you get access to our data visualization, leveraged company specific data streams with our hybrid data lake, and monthly reporting compliance and anomaly detection.

Increase your value with insight.

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