Stay up to date in real-time with your data, see the impact of your viewers or listeners with Climate, from the Px Cloud.

Look inward with Climate.

Your business experiences unexpected storms which could affect your company’s data collection, proficiency, consumption, culture and more. Is your team ready to face the storms? How do you know? Will they be ready to respond to different storms tomorrow? If you’re not up to date with the latest training, tools, and real-time monitoring, it’s difficult to weather unexpected challenges. Plug our API into your existing dashboard and keep a close eye on any fluctuations in your data maturation. Stay up to date with regular check-ups from our expert analysts, and measure critical behaviors in real-time.

Keep your eye on the conditions of your company’s data maturity by subscribing to Climate, in the Px Cloud.

Customer segmentation and analysis.

Go beyond normal customer segmentation with Climate. Utilizing your internal preference data, we stitch in additional industry and public data to reveal new insights.  Combining data sources, customers can be identified by preference, interests, culture, and behavior to attract attention, improve retention, and solidify loyalty.

User engagement

By bringing together internal and external data about your audience you can develop a strategy to grab their attention, subscribing to Climate you can engage attention one user at a time.

Business Insights

Climate analyzes the Entertainment & Media industry and aggregates long-tail data streams to provide unique insights. Our data lake includes more than just industry data but also data related to other factors that influence viewer behavior.

How Climate works with your data.

Ensure that your data science team has the tools and skills to measure your analytics maturity and progress in real time.

  • Analytics Maturity Assessment

    • Initial assessment with recommendations

    • Follow-up/progress assessments

  • Practice Maturity Consulting

    • One time maturity advancement project

    • On-going / monthly maturity coaching

  • API / dashboard

    • Critical behaviors are measured in near-real-time

    • API is plugged into the clients existing dashboard for visibility and trend review

    • Historical progress visualization

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